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many things have happened in the last week. i have slept eaten and… - krizkat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 16th, 2005|08:52 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |under the bridge - the red hot chilli peppers]

many things have happened in the last week. i have slept eaten and played golf. and then there was that thing on thursday.

before thathowever i was invited to the virgin stumps house to well do stuff.i got the half past ten train from muirend and got off at whitecraigs. and then walked to stumps house arriving early and had to sit on the wall outside for a bit. when eventually i went in found a big slob sitting on his sofa.we spent a merry 15 minutes discussing life, the universe and everything and then bret phoned asking if i wanted to play golf. ipromptly invited him round b4 stump had the oppurtunity to say know. just at that prescise moment rutherford arrived who had taking the healthy option and cycled round from his house. a major piss-taking was in order. being the posh private school boys that we are we decided to play cricket and bounce on the trampoline. god are we sad i mean we're playing cricket but it is bloody fun. also stump cooked lunch for us. im not convinced it was fully cooked but i survived. left around half five on the train from muirend to whitecraigs. i had my dinner of salmon i think with asparagus and hollaindaise sauce b4 jetting over to thornliebank to pick up rutherford. who was late in getting ready because he was having a shower and beautying himself. then off to jens and forgetting where it was. we arrived sat down and put the cd player to repeat because there only was one good song on the cd. this was b4 jen told us she had a trampoline and more bouncing ensued. this time it was rather suicidal with me trying to climb a tree, almost killing rebecca and falling off the back landing on my spine. shane was particularly erratic and brett just fell off. most of everyone else seemed rather gormless or bored or both. sweating a lot we went inside and immediately silence spread b4 ppl started realising that their tounges worked for reasons other than stuffing their gobs. oops that was a bit harsh. the effects of a mild concussion set in and stars burst forth b4 my eyes.ok thats it there is no more.

friday i watched the cricket.

saturday i played golf (badly) with brett and sumhow eked out a half reasonable score. nope thats wrong we did that on sunday. on saturday i saw my dad and got taken out for a well done in exams kind of lunch to a tapas bar. good stuff. dad kept encouraging me to drink alchohol at the restaurant. no encouragment needed.

on monday after a failed attempt to organise golf as andrew was visiting his granny. thus i went in to town with brett rebecca and yvonne. and then peter rutherford andstump turned up. taking control i led us to lunch via a scencic route of wandering aimlessly for a bit and getting fumed at by warney. eventually we went to pizza hut which in hindsight was a mistake. also peter was rather disgusting at lunch and embarrassed me. a stupid amount of money spent on pizza later and we didnt get into the wdding crashers(15) at the ugc because we didnt have i.d. eh? unpeturbed the odeon was visited and the film was watched. rutherford then decide he wanted to buy his brother birthday presents so rutherford yvonne and rebecca ended up draggin peter and i round clothes shops. i did however buy a cool yello hat.npbody else did which was ashame cause we all looked cool wearing them. shane then spent so long looking for stuff that i missed my train and he manged to get his. wanker. while waitng i saw some average glasgow scenes. neds running away with fags, sluts in cat costumeshuggin each other, and a man having a heart attack. now that was scary. i returned homw and had a lamb sandwich.

today i played golf with shane and brett and redicovered how to play golf.

tomorrow golf is being played at eastwood.

last night in my mums room i found a rather amusing little book in a cupboard entitled " the world's best dirty limericks" . far from wondering y mum should possess such a book a stole and read it. some of them are quite good.

there was a young fellow of reading,
who grew quite aroused at his wedding;
took on look at his bride,
then rushed to her side,
but creamed all over the bedding.

A big catholic layman named Fox,
Made his living by sucking off cocks.
In spells of depression
he goes to confession,
and jacks off the priest in his box.

There was a young farmer of Nant,
Whose conduct was both gay and gallant;
For he fucked all his dozens
Of nieces and cousins,
In addition of course to his aunt.

foul eh? all right that concludes it

goodbye all
glenn mcgrath