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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2006|01:12 pm]
this things become rather redundant
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Ruggers injuries [Jan. 14th, 2006|10:23 pm]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |im not ok - my chemical romance]

Here is my complete list of rugby injuries and those inflicted by me

1.spraining my ankle
2.doing something bad as yet undiagnosed to my jaw
3.being knocked out and seeing stars
4.spraining my elbow
5.splitting alis head open
6. concussion
7.being knocked out and seeing stars
8.winded times lots
9.numerous cuts and bruises
10. one huge motherfucker of stud marks that havent gone away tree years later
11.being knocked out and seeing stars
12. doing something to this guy from high skls leg
13.coughing up blood
14. bleeding noses
15.sore tailbone times 2

im sure theres so much more.

not a lot has happened recently. and absoloutely nothing to do with tipex

bob and ross xx
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stuff [Dec. 23rd, 2005|11:56 pm]
[mood |drunk(just cause the pic looks kl)]
[music |love will tear us apart - joy division]

just to let u all know i still look at lj from time to time i just done update. this is mainly because i hace so much to say but cant be bothered typing it up. the last few days have been fairly hectic.

this sums it up......

ok the pic wont work. oh well merry xmas my love to all of u lj users apart from andrew, adam, lisa, rebecca, jennika, jimi, elaine,dougie, jen and that other one

by bye
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2005|08:49 pm]
[music |american pie - don mclean]

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2005|06:44 pm]
[mood |creative]
[music |dakota - stereophonics]

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

i just refuse to update its far too exhausting
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|08:52 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |under the bridge - the red hot chilli peppers]

many things have happened in the last week. i have slept eaten and played golf. and then there was that thing on thursday.

before thathowever i was invited to the virgin stumps house to well do stuff.i got the half past ten train from muirend and got off at whitecraigs. and then walked to stumps house arriving early and had to sit on the wall outside for a bit. when eventually i went in found a big slob sitting on his sofa.we spent a merry 15 minutes discussing life, the universe and everything and then bret phoned asking if i wanted to play golf. ipromptly invited him round b4 stump had the oppurtunity to say know. just at that prescise moment rutherford arrived who had taking the healthy option and cycled round from his house. a major piss-taking was in order. being the posh private school boys that we are we decided to play cricket and bounce on the trampoline. god are we sad i mean we're playing cricket but it is bloody fun. also stump cooked lunch for us. im not convinced it was fully cooked but i survived. left around half five on the train from muirend to whitecraigs. i had my dinner of salmon i think with asparagus and hollaindaise sauce b4 jetting over to thornliebank to pick up rutherford. who was late in getting ready because he was having a shower and beautying himself. then off to jens and forgetting where it was. we arrived sat down and put the cd player to repeat because there only was one good song on the cd. this was b4 jen told us she had a trampoline and more bouncing ensued. this time it was rather suicidal with me trying to climb a tree, almost killing rebecca and falling off the back landing on my spine. shane was particularly erratic and brett just fell off. most of everyone else seemed rather gormless or bored or both. sweating a lot we went inside and immediately silence spread b4 ppl started realising that their tounges worked for reasons other than stuffing their gobs. oops that was a bit harsh. the effects of a mild concussion set in and stars burst forth b4 my eyes.ok thats it there is no more.

friday i watched the cricket.

saturday i played golf (badly) with brett and sumhow eked out a half reasonable score. nope thats wrong we did that on sunday. on saturday i saw my dad and got taken out for a well done in exams kind of lunch to a tapas bar. good stuff. dad kept encouraging me to drink alchohol at the restaurant. no encouragment needed.

on monday after a failed attempt to organise golf as andrew was visiting his granny. thus i went in to town with brett rebecca and yvonne. and then peter rutherford andstump turned up. taking control i led us to lunch via a scencic route of wandering aimlessly for a bit and getting fumed at by warney. eventually we went to pizza hut which in hindsight was a mistake. also peter was rather disgusting at lunch and embarrassed me. a stupid amount of money spent on pizza later and we didnt get into the wdding crashers(15) at the ugc because we didnt have i.d. eh? unpeturbed the odeon was visited and the film was watched. rutherford then decide he wanted to buy his brother birthday presents so rutherford yvonne and rebecca ended up draggin peter and i round clothes shops. i did however buy a cool yello hat.npbody else did which was ashame cause we all looked cool wearing them. shane then spent so long looking for stuff that i missed my train and he manged to get his. wanker. while waitng i saw some average glasgow scenes. neds running away with fags, sluts in cat costumeshuggin each other, and a man having a heart attack. now that was scary. i returned homw and had a lamb sandwich.

today i played golf with shane and brett and redicovered how to play golf.

tomorrow golf is being played at eastwood.

last night in my mums room i found a rather amusing little book in a cupboard entitled " the world's best dirty limericks" . far from wondering y mum should possess such a book a stole and read it. some of them are quite good.

there was a young fellow of reading,
who grew quite aroused at his wedding;
took on look at his bride,
then rushed to her side,
but creamed all over the bedding.

A big catholic layman named Fox,
Made his living by sucking off cocks.
In spells of depression
he goes to confession,
and jacks off the priest in his box.

There was a young farmer of Nant,
Whose conduct was both gay and gallant;
For he fucked all his dozens
Of nieces and cousins,
In addition of course to his aunt.

foul eh? all right that concludes it

goodbye all
glenn mcgrath
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2005|08:37 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles]

This entry serves the sole purpose of spiting jimmy. mwhahaha

1. First grade teacher's name: cant remember
2. Last person you kissed: dont know..
3. Last word you said: mars
4. Last song you sang: girl from mars
5. Last person you hugged: my mum
6. Last thing you laughed at: my little brother
7. Last thing you touched: the keyboard
8. What's in your CD player: a mixed CD
9. What socks are you wearing: none..... slippers
10. What's under your bed: a desk and another bed
11. Current mood: fairly disgruntled
12. Current taste: lamb steak
13. Current hair style: well rugged
14. Current clothes: jeans, slippers, grey quicksilver shorts, blue saltrock t-shirt
15. Current job: farming!
16. Current longing: hmmm
17. Current desktop picture: THAT pic of iain and i
18. Current worry: ive lost my bankcard
19. Current hate: the fact that ive lost my bankcard
20. Story behind your username: it just happened
21. Current favorite article of clothing: my orange hat
22. Favorite physical feature(s) of the opposite sex: the whole lot
23. Last CD that you bought: the boy with the arab strap - belle & sebastian
24. Favorite place to be: skiing
25. Favorite colour: red
26. Favorite time: playtime
27. If you could play a new instrument, what would it be: the basoon
28. Current smell: b.o
29. Current favorite word/saying: HOW CONVENIENT
30. Favorite book: the devil's alternative - frederick forsyth
31. Favorite movies: goldmember
32. Favorite songs: there are many
33. Favorite direction: a bearing of 234 degreees
34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: cant say anyone
35. Favorite day: wednesday
36. Where do you want to go: arran
37. What is your career going to be: dont know
38. Where will you live: hawaii
39. What kind of car will you have: a nissa sunny wiht go faster stripes
40. A random noise: bell ring
41. A random lyric : you say coke i say cane
42. Eye color: brown
43. Hair color: brown
44. Righty or lefty: right
45. star sign: capricorn
46. Innie or outie: inny
47. Your heritage: scottish with an english granny
48. The shoes you wore today: vans shoes
49. Your hair: gelled
50. Your weakness: height
51. Your fears: that something not particulalry nice will happen to ppl that i care about
52. Your last dream: i cant honestly remember
53. Your most recent secret?:rebecca would kill me
54. Your thoughts first waking up: wats that noise
55. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: face since that wat u tend to look at whilst communicating
56. Your bedtime: 11.30 ish
57. Your most missed companion: iain!
58. Your perfect pizza: no im not writing that out
59. Sweet and chewy or salty and crunchy: sweet and chewy
60. Single or group sex: the more the merrier
61. Dogs or cats: dogs
62. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton ice tea if its not lemon
63. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
64. Cappuccino or drip: cappuccino
65. Smoke: no
66. Curse: always as demonstrated on thursday
67. hats: the orange one, redeye one, o'neil one
68. Take a shower everyday: once a week
69. Have a crush: hmm...
71. Think you've been in love: with myself
72. Want to go to college: University
73. Want more than what you got: yes obviously
74. Want to get married: yes
75. Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: yes
76. Think you're attractive: stunning
77. Think you're a health freak: the complete opposite
78. Get along with your parents: yes
79. Play an instrument: the very manly bagpipes

80. Drink: yes
81. Smoke: yes(not really but this is the spiting jimmy bit)
82. Done a drug: yes(")
83. Swam in the sea: yes
84. Go on a date: yes(")
85. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: yes(")
86. Eaten sushi: yes
87. Been dumped: yes(")
88. Made homemade cookies: yes(")
89. Been in love: yes(")
91. Dyed your hair: yes
92. Stolen anything: yes

93. Had too much to drink: yes in the sense of lilt
94. Been caught cheating: yes(")
95. Been called a tease: yes(")
96. Gotten beaten up: yes(")
97. Changed who you were to fit in: yes(")
98. Cried at something beautiful: yes(")
99. Spent too much money on something you didnt need: yes
100. Cried when someone died: yes(")

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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|03:52 pm]
[mood |indescribable]
[music |so far away - dire straits]

You scored as Timon. You are Timon! You're a furry, energetic lil' rascal who KNOWS how to have fun! You are very easy-going and chances are you have a close compadre who is jolly, though maybe a little piggish. You have the ability to create spontaneous comedy when you want, and the FIRST thing you look for in a friend is a sense of humor - someone you can pal around with and not look /totally/ insane. You speak your mind alot, though you throw in a joke or two to lighten the mood in tense situations. You talk alot of talk, but you're an excellent friend, when all is said and done!






















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And a proper update. NOt much to say except ive played golf, babysitted and cycled on my new bicycle round linn park twice. knackering.

last saturday however i got to drive my dads new tractor. great fun. not only did i get to drive the thing i got to cut weeds with it and scare horses. plus it had a radio so i had virgin radio blaring in the backround. i didnt even crash it. also, my dad decided that he needed two guard dogs since theres been a lot of robberies where he lives. thus he bought to identical twins in the form of rottweillers. not the cutest dogs in the world but a puppy is a puppy so they're lovely at the moment. ill try and get a pic of them on so u can c their wonderfulness.

the guy from disabled scouts phoned me asking if i could help at a weekend away at the end of the holidays. grrr. and pre-season rugby training looms large. im really not looking forward to getting shown up by all these big fourth years. i should make it into the thirds this year which is all great. looking forward to the return of andrew to the rugby squad. i think a few ppl are mwahahahaha.

i went into town on my babysitting duties todayto buy school books. i saw a girl flash her boobies hehehe boobies lol.

okay that is all. i love the holidays. bye
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2005|08:40 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |yellow- coldplay]

The Goddess of Fire and Happiness. You are a ball
of energy. Always compassionate and full of
life, you can make anyone feel happy and you
are exceptionally uplifting. You are an
individual beauty.

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2005|08:28 pm]
[mood |ecstaticboyuant]
[music |orpheus - ash]

good evening ladies and gentlemen

im afraid to say that i have too wait a while until i can celebrate my journal's first birthday. as in real life im a bit younger than u lot so please dont let your journal's bully it because of their physical superiority.

things that have happened: on monday and tuesday i was babysitting. hooray! being sly however i decided to take my young charge(brother andrew btw) to the queens park pitch and park. tis was immense fun as every green could be reached with a sand iron and it gave me a chance to watch andrew play golf. luckily nobody died and its just across the road from the victoria in any case. the problem however was getting there. couldn't walk - moaning brother, couldn't train- no station near the park, this meant one thing - the bus. im not very good a buses. possibly because theres so many stops that aren't mentioned and i never know which one to get off at. also i can never make out how much money im to give the driver. throw in the presence of neds on the bus and a fun journey was had by all. after golf we popped into mums work at the victoria and tried to gain a lift home. but she was being healthy and had walked to work. this meant another bus journey. that evening i played golf with mcphee and succedded in losing no balls. on tuesday andrew decided that he wanted to c madagascar so with daid and andrew mcphee in tow we went to see it. equally funn the second time round. i love those penguins
on wednesday i slept in to a ridiculous time and couldnt really be bothered doing anything. however my mum aroused me from my slumber and i was taken to the derby for lunch. two tuna toasties later and i wa taken to get new school shoes complete with working laces. and now comes the really exciting bit. new bike! i dont hink any of the live journal community ever saw my old bike which takes the term rustbucket to a new level. i have a shiny new bicylay yes!
today i watched the ashes. thrilling stuff
plans for the near future
sleep and tv
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